Thank you for your interest in a GOFI service dog. Our Golden Retrievers are held to the highest standards of temperament and trainability, and each dog is trained specifically for its recipient’s needs. Our goal is to provide service dogs to those living with physical and psychological disabilities in order to provide greater independence and a better standard of living. GOFI trains dogs to assist with spinal cord injuries, diabetes alert, epilepsy disorders, anxiety disorders, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  

Please understand that applications are reviewed in the order that they are received. Because we strive to find the best match for each recipient, placement schedules may vary.  You can expect to hear from GOFI within two weeks, at which time an area coordinator will conduct a home visit.  We will then assess whether we have a dog that can meet your needs.

We encourage applicants to call us with any questions or concerns they may have.

Best Wishes,
The GOFI Family

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Does the applicant use any assistive devices on a daily basis (i.e. wheelchair, crutches, hearing aids)?
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Has the applicant ever had an aggressive outburst in which an animal or person was injured?
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Where will the dog stay when no one is home?
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How do you plan to provide exercise for the dog? Fenced yard Leash walk Tie-out Allow the dog to run free
How do you plan to address the dog's need to go outside to eliminate? Fenced yard Leash walk Tie out Allow the dog to run free
Can the applicant afford yearly general veterinary care for a dog ($700-$1000/year)?
Have you ever received a service dog or applied for a dog from another organization?
Name of the organization (if yes):
Outcome of application (if yes):
What tasks would the applicant like the dog to help them with to make them be more independent?
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Who would care for the dog if the applicant were to be injured, hospitalized, or otherwise unable to care for the dog?
Is the applicant willing to travel to Golden Ridge Farm (323 Hight St., Walpole, MA) at least twice a month for training sessions?