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At this time of year, donating to charity feels just a little more special.
From the moment the puppies are born they become part of the recipient's life. 
We help make daily living easier by: including recipients in all steps of training, providing each recipient with a mentor, providing an alternative to traditional therapies in a positive, functional atmosphere, providing recipients with social outings. 
"Elan has developed greater confidence and self-assuredness since he has been involved with GOFI. He loves coming every week for training."
- Julie G.
"Raising puppies for GOFI has been a life-changing experience for my entire family. What we've received from the program feels like far more than what we've put in."
- Marybeth B.
This Holiday Season Bring Joy to a Service Dog Recipient
At this time of year, more than any other, donating to a charity feels just a little more special. During this holiday season of giving, please consider making a donation to Golden Opportunities for independence, a 501(c)(3) non-profit service dog organization.

Our mission is to breed and train the highest quality service dogs to meet the needs of individuals with various disabilities. Our service dogs are highly trained to provide the necessary skills needed for our recipients to provide greater independence.

In August we welcomed a litter of sixteen puppies, eleven of which will be working dogs for recipients and programs within our community. Our current litter of puppies will be trained to: assist children with mobility disabilities, alert children with seizures or high and low blood sugars, retrieve medical equipment, and help mitigate symptoms of PTSD in veterans and sexual assault survivors.

By donating today you will help defray the $35,000.00 cost associated with two years of raising, training, and veterinary expenses, With the help of generous donors like you, children, veterans, and people with disabilities will be granted the gift of independence. 

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to donate to charitable organizations. Double your impact by asking if your company has a matching gift program.

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