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Meet our Staff

Founder, Pauline Hoegler, RN, BSN, CDPT has been breeding English-Type Golden Retrievers for more than 20 years and as a result high-quality service dogs are made available for our Program’s recipients.

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  1. John Moon Public Relations Associate
    John is well experienced in service dog work. He was originally involved with NEADs service dog organization for 10 years and came to GOFI in October of 2017. He deals with public relations and coordinates scout field trips as well as volunteer opportunities for different schools. [email protected]
  2. Venna Carroll Communications/Website Manager
  3. Susan Morani Head of Fundraising
    Susan is head of fun raising and runs the Golden Opportunities Facebook. She has been around since mid-2017 and has a full-time job as a National Certified Pharmacy Technician for 21 years, but plans on becoming a full-time employee at GOFI soon. [email protected]
  4. Dolores Reynoso Kennel Manager
    Dolores is one of our amazing lead staff members in the kennel. She has been a part of GOFI since 2017. She works as a certified Nursing assistant and also cleans houses. She does everything from cleaning to organizing. [email protected]
  5. Dawn Anderson Lead Trainer
  6. Rachel Jackson Head of Recipient Relations
    Rachel is one of our senior volunteers. She is a Nurse at Walpole High School. She met Pauline 6 years ago and originally got involved at GOFI 5 years ago but has been officially involved since late 2016. She coordinates and works with recipients as well as helps decide who is able to receive one. [email protected]
  7. Nicole Hindman CPDT
    Nicole is a 21-year-old junior in college studying phycology. She has purchased 3 dogs from GOFI and is currently training Duke which is GOFI's demo dog. Duke. She originally got involved during High School in 2014. She is a certified professional dog trainer and does a lot of the training here. [email protected]
  8. Deb Bamber Kennel assistant
  9. Eva Clarke Assorted specialist
    Eva is a year old Senior at Walpole High. She originally got involved with GOFI in 2016 when... She does many things from helping out in the kennel, training dogs, doing online events and with anything else that needs getting done. [email protected]
  10. Dan Gruber Executive Producer "Video guy"
    Dan is a 17-year-old Junior at Norwood High School. He originally got involved with GOFI in late 2017 when he did a journalism story for his school. He now does video things like producing "Gabbin' with GOFI" and helps out with some labor around the farm. [email protected]