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Meet Trin

Trinity Elias is an 12 yr old girl from Norwood, Ma. She was a preemie twin born at 30 weeks and suffered from cerebral asphyxia (oxygen deprivation) due to placenta abruption. Miraculously, she was revived, but now lives with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She also had a group B strep infection that she was treated twice for in the NICU that resulted with her being hospitalized again with viral meningitis weeks later. She had a very rough go in the beginning. She was considered failure to thrive and required a feeding tube for 9 yrs. Her family worked very hard with her therapists and finally had her g tube removed and she can now eat orally! She can’t walk unassisted but is doing well getting around with her walker or crawling. She also started having seizures 4 yrs ago so that is another newer concern. Her family hopes for her are to become more independent and to just be safe. She has fallen walking and hurt herself a few times. She does not have the instinctive response to put one or both hands out when falling and unfortunately usually hits her face. Service dog Rocky is being trained to lay flat if she falls, so she doesn’t hit the floor and will land on him to soften her landing. Rocky will also help her open doors and keep them open until she goes thru them. He is learning to retrieve items for her and alert to seizures up to 20 min before they happen, so we can get her into a safe position and be prepared. She also has anxiety, Rocky will be calming for her so she’s not so anxious around certain situations like doctor appointments and procedures. Trinity gets Botox and Phenol injections in both legs every 6 months and is always anxious about being put to sleep. Golden Opportunities for Independence in Walpole, MA, has matched Rocky with Trinity and is in the process of training him to meet Her specific needs. Rocky will have up to two years of training to be a service dog. Aside from service duties, Rocky will provide Trin with support, companionship, friendship and love. Trinity’s twin sister Serena, is so excited and doing an incredible job as one of the caretakers of Rocky. Here is a link to help Trinity’s Family with the cost of her very special service dog.