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Adolescent Puppy Nutrition
Now that the puppies are adolescents, it is time to change their feeding routine.  We have been sampling several different types of foods to see which is the best for your dog's digestive tract.  

What we have come up with is:
Feed your dog with a high-quality dog kibble.   Most of our dogs should be eating 2-3 cups of food per day and should be on an adult food.  Most of you have already determined a food that is good for your dog.  Sometimes it is just a matter of time to see which food works best for your dog.

Some healthy alternatives for dog treats:

Baby carrots
Sweet potatoes
Green beans
Apples with out the seeds
The most accurate way to determine how many cups of food your pet should have in a day is by counting calories. Each bag or can of food will say how many Kcal’s per cup are in the food.

Here are a few simple steps to follow to ensure the proper amount of food being fed each day.
Find the food analysis on the food bag and look for: 
Calorie Content
You will need to locate the number of calories per cup, it will read as follows: #kcal/cup
EX: on hills feline c/d the calorie content is 349kcal/cup
Next, you need the most recent weight on your pet in (kg)
To change lbs to kg: lbs divided by 2.2 equals kg
Example a 22 lb pet weighs 10 lbs

Now to the calculations:
30 X (weight in kg’s) + 70= the amount of kcal’s per day

Take the number in 4a X 1.6= kcal/day for your dog, then divide that number by kcal/cup that you found in step 2. This is the amount of food per day your dog can have to maintain their current weight.